• Triple J Homepage

    The triple j home page carries a lot of information with multi stakeholders vying for attention from the 1.5 million unique visitors per month. The showcase area was designed big to transform the page so it fully takes on the current campaign. Minimalist and flat design elements were used throughout in an effort to keep it clean and easy on the users end. triplej.net.au

    triple j homepage music
  • Triple J's Hottest 100

    An Australian institution, the world’s largest music democracy, the envy of every other radio station. The Hottest 100 juggernaut gets bigger every year and shows no signs of slowing. While the concept remains a constant keeping the campaign fresh and the users engaged year to year requires constantly evolving concepts and ideas on how to keep them voting and listening. triplej.net.au/hottest100



  • Triple J Festival Coverage

    Starting with the question of who is this for? From user scenarios several unique methods of delivering content were devised to showcase the quality content triple j produces from festivals such as Splendour in the Grass, Big Day Out, Parklife, Soundwave and its very own One Night Stand. triplej.net.au/events/splendour/13



  • Triple J's Spotify App

    Combining Spotify’s UI guidelines with triple j branding was not initially an easy task, but the result is simple sampler of triple j content powered by Spotify's streaming music archive. The triple j hit list continues to be on of the most subscribed to playlists on the service. open.spotify.com/app/triplej


  • Triple J Graphics

    It's not all site layouts and templates here are a few examples of some of the graphics you'll find around the site.

    music the_racket the_sound_lab gigguide podcast_freeMusic podcast_unearthed
  • Triple J's Impossible Music Festival

    Bespoke designs are often required to fit triple j’s heavily campaign based output. This is an example of a mini-site produced for the Impossible Music Festival. An on-air event that simulates the festival experience with live music recordings from the archives. triplej.net.au/live/impossiblemf/10/


  • Austereo

    While working across some of Australia’s biggest radio brands my time at Austereo was as much about supporting the networks shows as it was supporting the advertising clients. I contributed designs, layouts, code and video content that helped both end users and advertiser reach their goals.



  • Banner Ads

    It has been a while... but banner ads where my bread and butter for a long time. Having cut my actionscript teeth developing flash games and animation in after effects combining these skills became fundamental to enticing that click through.

    sony_1 sony_2
  • EDM

    Just when you think you’ve forgotten what a table is another EDM request comes through and it’s time to code like it’s 1999. Here are some examples of email campaigns I’ve designed for companies like British Telecom, AMEX, IBM and of coarse triple j’s jmail.



  • Powderfinger's Odyssey Number 5

    Odyssey Number 5 knocked John Farnham's 33⅓ from the number #1 position in the ARIA charts and was awarded the ARIA Award for Best Cover Art in 2001. This album art still does the rounds as it has continues to top lists.

  • Ashton's PA Catalougue

    With a desire to really reach the target market for their entry level PA equipment this street press style catalogue was devised with Ashton so it would stand out in the shop while being right at home in uni share houses across Australia.

  • Universal Love Poster

    This poster for a singles night charity event for Bear Cottage children's hospital was inspired by children's art with a contemporary look and feel. triplej.net.au

  • Anti-Discrimination Advocacy Project

    With funding pulled the Anti-Discrimination Advocacy Project still had a lot of research they felt needed to be heard. They pulled in a few favours to compile facts, art and quotes about discrimination in Australia into a booklet that was distributed around cafes and nightspots.

    p1 p2
  • The Cerebral Palsy Alliance

    Using type and image these awareness campaign posters were designed using donated artwork. The Cerebral Palsy Alliance (formerly The Spastic Centre) was the first organisation of it’s kind in the world when founded in 1945.

    spastic_centre_cpaw spastic_centre
  • Feijoa Brand Identity

    Founded by Kiwi expats and the Feijoa fruit from which the company takes it’s name was used to influence the shape and colour of this simple yet complex identity for this consultancy agency.

    tm cards


This is the creative portfolio of Russell Privett, Sydney based Designer and Photographer.

I have a little over 10 years experience in the Creative and Media industries during which I have taken an adaptable, multi-skilled approach to roles for boutique agencies in Canada, advertising heavy weights in London and in my recent work for Australia's biggest radio brands.

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