Russell Privett


This is the website of Russell Privett, currently head of design at Present Company.

Previously I have worked in the media at Triple J, 2Day FM and Triple M in Australia; freelanced at some small places in Canada; and some big places in the United Kingdom.

I've had job titles like, photographer, video producer, animator, online producer, snowboard instructor, developer, digital designer, games designer, graphic designer, ux designer, product designer, design lead and I'm sure others I've forgotten about. I've also taught at General Assembly and Shillington College.

I grew up spending a lot of time pulling things apart and putting them back together again. I like to think I still break down complex problems with structure and balanced perspectives using my background in all of the above.

I enjoy trying to do things I will never be good at. I don't like talking about myself but I'm endlessly curious about everything else. I like to think this comes across in my design and leadership practices.

Thank you for visiting.